Custom surfaces

Information as eyecatcher

New custom surfaces with LED-technique for advertising- and infopanel

  • flat
  • big
  • energy efficient
The ALD light has a variety of advantages. It offers a homogeneous illumination, a minor installation depth and is very energy efficient. Furthermore, the ALD light can also be build in as a sliding door, a shower-backplane or a tabletop. Visit the following sites to experience the variety of our products.

Illuminated ceiling panel

Not every room has the best lighting conditions and if you need to improve them, our illuminated ceiling panels will be suitable for it. Smooth and homogenous light will fill the atmosphere and our ALD light is energy efficient, too. See how it looks after installation:

Double-sided illumination

Advertising panel, exhibition stands or standees. You need to place many information on a little area, often. With our double-sided illumination ALD light, it is possible to place different information on each site of the object and illuminate it.

Light therapie

One big advantage of the ALD light is a minor installtion depth. That makes it possible to install it into various objects. Furthermore we have the opportunity to change the light into red, green and blue (RGB). In addition, the customer receives a remote control to change the speed and duration of the light change. It is excellent suitable for light therapie.


Your morning shower will be a complete new experience with an illuminated shower-backplane. Our ALD light is quite often employed right here. Whether printed or laminated glas, with a beautiful illumination accrues a wunderful atmosphere.


This makes the kitchen to more beautiful place. We illuminate kitchen backplanes with our ALD light. Whether it is laminated or printed or whatever. We foreground the backplane with our light and create a energy efficient eyecatcher.
Don't hesitate to take a look into our kitchen-brochure:


High-quality glass cabinets illuminated. The eyecatcher in every room. You can purchase those cabinets at

Poster- and folding frames

Your favourite family picture will look more beautiful with our ALD light and be an eyecatcher in every living room! We can handle to put objects into poster or folding frames and illuminate them to present your memories in a wonderful way. Poster frames are available in sizes from Din A0 to Din A4.







841 x 1189 mm

594 x 841 mm

420 x 594 mm

297 x 420 mm

210 x 297 mm

Various geometrism

Whether your object is round, cornered or has a complete different shape. We developed our ALD light to be compatible with every shape. This is especially useful for outside lighting and exhibition stand construction. Even rounded edges are no problem for our light.

Various geometrism

Textile printing

Even textile printed impressions can be foregrounded with our ALD light to attract attention!